“MEN ARE TRASH!/?”: One Statement. Two Separate Conversations


The following scenario/conversation is partially real and partially fictitious. It serves a purpose, however. Follow me

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“Great… P*ssy, Again 😐”: What Sex As A Present Really Means


So, I’m back. And let me start off by saying this topic is just as important as the first one, but this will be a much more light-hearted post, and while there may be a little humor, the truth tends to be the funniest. Continue reading

I Used to Hate (Black) Feminism – a personal introduction to B.F.T.


I used to Hate Feminism. Especially Black Feminism.

Mostly due to my lack of understanding and willingness to hear something other than what made sense inside of my own head. It is because of that lack of understanding that I had then, and the understanding I have now why this blog exist.

My issue with feminism was rooter in thinking that Feminism and The Feminist Movement were one and the same thing. I guess that’s what happens when you’re informed with only bits and pieces of information.

I used to think that Black Feminism didn’t make sense because “Feminism wasn’t meant for Black women, and the Feminist movement fought for rights that didn’t represent the needs to black women.” I used to constantly harp on the racist creator of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger being a self-proclaimed Feminist. Things have changed considerably.

Thanks to Dr. Cecile Yancu and her Sex, Gender, and Feminist Thought at Winston-Salem State University, True Feminism saved me. Me an 80s born, Straight, Black Man.

I believe that Intersectional Feminism can help save my Black brothers, and eventually, help save Black people as a whole, and progress us towards unifying as a people. This site is here to help encourage healthy discussion, and bring about critical thinking towards that unity.

This is just a small part of my story. Let’s Build.